The Ethics Challenge
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The Ethics Challenge"Please read The Ethics Challenge. Please act on it.  Your professional and family life alike literally depend on it. Bravo!"
-Tom Peters, "uber-guru of management" (Economist)

"When you read The Ethics Challenge, you'll see that ethics is alive and well in america.  Bob and Mick  have written an important book for today's leaders."
-Ken Blanchard,
coauthor of The One Minute Manager

"Clearly articulates what's gone wrong and what we need to do to get back on the right ethics track."
-Robert A. Eckert, Chairman/CEO, Mattel, Inc.

"This book will enrich the lives of its readers and transform everyone around them."
-George Deukmejian,
35th governor of California

"Brings virtue to life with stories and parables that should be read by everyone."
-Philip K. Howard, author of Life Without Lawyers & The Death of Common Sense

"The Ethics Challenge will help leaders strengthen their core ethical behavior and develop personally and professionally."
-Dr. Charles B. Reed, Chancellor, California State University System

The Ethics Challenge is an invaluable and very timely work that succinctly articulates the role of business, education and civic leaders in fostering organizational cultures that promote high ethical standards.
Dr. F. King Alexander,
President, California State University Long Beach

Fairness, integrity, telling the truth, and following the rules: every one of us routinely faces these types of ethical challenges, whether we recognize them as such or not. Here is a thought-provoking book that provides a user-friendly GPS through many of these everyday dilemmas. A much needed book for our troubled times!
Leora G. Krygier, Los Angeles Juvenile Court Judge and author of Juvenile Court: a Judge's Guide for Young Adults and Their Parents.

Bob Stone and Mick Ukleja present "the ethics challenge" in a powerful, easy-to-read manner that will certainly help practitioners of the art of well as those that follow them.  People from all walks of life can "strengthen their integrity in a greedy world" by adopting some of the many thought-provoking ideas contained here.
James Kennedy, former Director, Kennedy Space Center

Anyone who follows Stone's and Ukleja's advice will not only sleep better, they'll help restore America's character and capacity for greatness.
Rick Cole, City Manager of Ventura, California, named one of Governing Magazine's nine "Public Officials of the Year"

The Ethics Challenge delivers a clear and simple message: merely talking about honesty and integrity is not enough. We each have to walk the walk everyday.
William S. Kanaga, Retired Chairman, Ernst & Young, and former Chairman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Ethics Challenge is a broad exposure to thoughtful examples of everyday ethical situations...a must read!
Howard Chambers, Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner program

Finally, ethical leadership presented in commonsense terms that can change your behavior through self-awareness.  It's easy to read, understand, and relate to.  A must read for anyone who wants to succeed ethically in business (or life).
Dr. Beverly Lewis O'Neill, former Mayor of Long Beach, California, and former President of the United States Conference of Mayors

As I read The Ethics Challenge, I couldn’t help but reflect on my 31 years as an NFL referee and a like number as a teacher and school administrator. The question came to mind—What do others expect of me?  This book emphasizes how our intentions to do the right thing can be embodied by our will and our actions. In today’s environment, you need to read this book!
Jim Tunney, Former NFL Referee, Educator, and author of It's the Will, Not the Skill

This is a forceful book that is well written and easy to read. Using a combination of logic and examples, the authors clearly explain how to become a more ethical person and simultaneously build the ethical climate of your organization.
Stephen Feldman, CEO, Astronauts Memorial Foundation

As a leader in the mass media industry, I have a commitment to continually strengthen the ethical climate of my organization. The temptation, especially in tough times, is to cut corners and compromise rather than sticking to my own basic values. The Ethics Challenge provides me with a systematic strategy to follow my own good intentions. It is an invaluable tool to the leader who wants to make a lasting difference.
Patrick McClenahan,
President/GM, CBS2/KCAL9, Los Angeles

With every high-level corruption case of a public offi cial, it seems that new, more stringent and complicated ethics laws are passed to “prevent” any future public breach. Th ese new laws may provide public officials cover for the indiscretions of their colleagues, but don’t make for more ethical elected officials. As Stone and Ukleja point out, ethical actions are personally inspired and are not found in ethics rules or laws.
—Curt Pringle, Mayor of Anaheim, former Speaker of the California State Assembly

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